Book Distribution

When it’s time to distribute your book to readers, Dorrance is there to help. Your traditional print and eBook purchase information will be made available at our online Dorrance Bookstore. We’ll also take the following actions to list your book with other retailers and resources:

  • Enroll your book in the Amazon Advantage Program, which allows the online retailer to warehouse copies of your book and offer quick shipment to consumers.
  • Submit your book to Ingram Lightning Source, the leading international book distributor preferred by retailers such as Barnes and Noble
  • Introduce your book to Baker & Taylor, one of the largest worldwide printed book distributions
  • Create a listing at Bowker’s Books in Print, an essential bibliographic tool for libraries, booksellers and publishers

Order Fulfillment

When copies of your book are ordered, whether by a retailer or a consumer, our fulfillment team handles everything from order and payment processing to packaging and shipping to customer service.