Book Production

When you become a Dorrance author, you’re assigned a Project Coordinator who will be your personal liaison during your book’s production. You’ll also receive access to our Author Resources portal. This easy-to-use, custom, personalized web interface allows you to access information about the production and promotion of your book 24/7 from anywhere in the world.  Through Author Resources, you can communicate directly with your project coordinator and review and approve all of your production and promotion materials. However, you can also email or phone your coordinator; we want you to communicate with us via the method you are most comfortable.

Our pre-press editorial and design services include:

  • Mechanical editing: We’ll assign an editor to perform a copy edit of your book to correct errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and subject-verb agreement.
  • Book design and layout: Your book will be formatted into pages and an appropriate typeface will be chosen.
  • Cover design: A cover designer will create an eye-catching cover for your book, taking into consideration any input you may have. We can also include a recent full-color author photograph on the back cover.
  • Illustrations: If your book requires illustrations, one of our artists will design creative images that support the storyline.
  • Copyright with the Register of Copyrights of the Library of Congress: Two printed copies of your completed book will be submitted for copyright protection under your name.
  • Manufacturing: We’ll manufacture the finished book in almost any size or binding, as well as in digital form for reading on eBook devices.