Writing Coach

Sometimes you just need a push in the write direction. Maybe you have an idea, but can't find the time to bring it to life. Or maybe you have nagging doubts about what you've written, and need a second opinion.

No matter why you're struggling, a Dorrance Writing Coach can help!

A Dorrance Writing Coach will guide you through the writing process, almost like a literary personal trainer. He or she will consult with you via phone, Skype or email, and will help you stay focused, avoid time-consuming mistakes, provide content advice and – most importantly – help you to get your book written.

You and your Coach will discuss anything and everything related to your book, including its structure, your writing style, and how to keep on track. Additionally, your Coach will review your material as you write it and provide substantive critiques and suggestions on your work.


How does it work?

  • You purchase a block of consultation hours
  • Dorrance introduces you to a Coach that's right for you. All of our Coaches have a minimum of a Bachelor of Arts in English or Creative Writing, so you can trust in your Coach's expertise.
  • You submit your work each week to your Coach, and schedule feedback sessions

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