Around the World in One Blog: Five of the Most Beautiful Libraries

Summer is in full swing, and at this point in the season, you might have already taken or planned your vacation. However, if you are still tossing around ideas of where to visit, let us be your travel guide and help you discover some of the world’s most beautiful libraries – ideal for avid readers and aspiring authors. You can find many Dorrance authors’ books in libraries like these around the nation and the world. And who knows, being in the presence of great literature and amazing architecture might just inspire you, too!

So, without further introduction, let’s take a look!

Admont Abbey

Admont Abbey Library, Austria – This Benedictine monastery is located in the town of Admont, Austria on the Enns River. This library is the oldest remaining monastery in Styria and houses the largest monastic library in the world. Known for its Baroque architecture, art and manuscripts, almost all of the books in this library have been re-bound in white in order to match the decorative scheme.

George Peabody Library

George Peabody Library, Baltimore, MD – This spectacular library dates back to 1857, and was formerly known as the Library of the Peabody Institute of the City of Baltimore. It was during that same year that George Peabody dedicated the Peabody Institute to the citizens of Baltimore. To this day, this seven story library continues to serve the people of Baltimore on a daily basis.

The Escorial Library

The Escorial Library, San Lorenzo, Spain – This library is located near Madrid in Central Spain, and is considered to be the most important architectural monument of the Spanish Renaissance. The building process was started by King Philip II, because he wanted a building that served multiple purposes – a burial place for his father, a monastery and a palace. The Escorial is the first major library to have its collections arranged in cases along the walls rather than in bays that jut out at right angles.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt – Despite an attack by Julius Caesar and a fire that destroyed the original library, the Bibliotheca is still one of the world’s most impressive libraries. The new building is comprised of a reading room that is tilted toward the sea, much like a sundial. Additionally, a glass-paneled roof makes way for plenty of light to stream into the building. On the façade of the library are characters from more than one hundred different languages, fitting since the library’s collection contains books in English, Arabic and French. Furthermore, the building contains a planetarium, four museums, 10 academic research centers and 15 permanent exhibitions.

Cottbus Library

Cottbus Library, Germany­ – For a more modern flare, the Cottbus Library in Germany is covered in repetitive images and text. The building, which is reminiscent of an amoeba-like footprint, contains a large, curving staircase. As if this design isn’t eye-catching enough, it’s painted bright pink and green. This wonderfully intriguing structure was built for the Bradenburg University of Technology Cottbus, which was founded in 1991.

Although this blog offered only a glimpse of five of the most beautiful libraries from around the world, you might just have to book a trip to see how brilliant these libraries are for yourself!

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