Fourth of July Spotlight: America’s Greatness

In keeping with the patriotic spirit of today’s holiday, the Fourth of July, we wanted to put the spotlight on the work of one Dorrance author in particular, Ann Geoffrey.


While the Fourth of July celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, this Dorrance book celebrates the American spirit.


To Ann Geoffrey, there’s nothing quite like America. It’s a nation that’s full of hard-working, genuine people who have the world at their fingertips and the chance to become anything that they want to be.


To her, it’s the only nation where the American dream can truly become a reality. 


Through the pages of America’s Greatness, Geoffrey, a native of Perth, Western Australia, recounts her travels to the 48 continental states.


She has traveled everywhere from Graceland to Niagara Falls to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon and on each trip she’s experienced the profound allure that each state of the country has to offer.


As she made her way around America, Geoffrey not only immersed herself in all that our great country has to offer, she also plunged head first into her journey of becoming a writer.


Writing is a therapeutic process; it gives us a chance to put into words what we’re feeling, seeing and experiencing. It’s no wonder that Geoffrey felt compelled to write as she traveled through America where she was able to meet people from diverse backgrounds and with many different and interesting stories.


At Dorrance Publishing, we firmly believe that everyone, no matter where they are from, has a book in them and we empower our authors to tell their story and to leave their legacy within the pages of their book.


For Geoffrey, her story came by way of her book. You too can experience this Dorrance author’s journeys by getting your own copy of America’s Greatness, today.


Copyright Dorrance Publishing, 2016