Your Dog’s Best Friend: The Dog Sitter

May is National Pet Month – a month-long celebration that highlights the benefits that pets bring to people’s lives and vice versa. It’s for this reason that we wanted to share with you a Dorrance-published book that echoes these sentiments.

If you’re a proud pet parent, you understand just how wonderful it is to have a pet of your own. Our furry, four-legged friends can be blessings in our lives because they offer us happiness, solace and a friendship like no other.

Dorrance author, Mary Wattle, knew this to be true, and that’s why she came to Dorrance Publishing with a book idea that she wanted to turn into reality.

Her idea came to fruition when Your Dog’s Best Friend: The Dog Sitter was published!

In this 158-page book, readers are taken through a journey filled with stories that will hit close to home for those with dogs.

For 17 years, Wattle was a “dog sitter.” Her calling to the job was prompted by her desire to take care of dogs that were left at home while their families went on vacation. It was this willingness to lend a helping hand and to take care of these pets that so lovingly take care of their families that led Wattle to turn her passion into a profession.

Her time spent at home with these selfless and loving dogs taught Wattle a lot about life and the importance of relationships.

In this novel, Wattle touches on the idea the more time you spend with a dog, the more you begin to connect and interpret their thought processes and needs.

Time spent playing, walking and living with them forms a bond that’s almost unbreakable. Dogs play an important role in our lives, and to them, their owners are their whole world. But, as Wattle describes, for most people, their pet has become the light in their life as well.

It truly goes without saying that dogs are man’s best friend, and for Dorrance author Mary Wattle, her experiences with dogs reaffirm this idea.

So, in celebration of National Pet Month and the love and happiness that our dogs bring us every day, week, month and year, grab a copy of Your Dog’s Best Friend: The Dog Sitter, today!

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