Page, Promote Yourself!

Last week we offered tips on Facebook boosted posts – the easiest form of paid advertising on the popular social network. Today we want to focus on the second option – page promotion.

Whereas a boosted post allows you to expand the reach of a particular piece of content, page promotion allows you to create ads that encourage people to like your page. As with boosted posts, this must be done through your author page, not your personal profile.

You can easily promote your page from right on the page itself, simply by clicking the “Build Audience” button on the top right, above your cover photo. When you click that button, you’ll select “Promote Page” from the dropdown menu that appears.

Facebook Page Promotion

Selecting the “promote page” option will open a window similar to the one you saw when you boosted your post. On the left is a preview of how your page promotion ad will appear on desktop news feed, mobile news feed and in the right-hand column. As you can see on the preview, whereas boosted posts just include your post information in users’ news feeds, a page promotion actually creates an ad that prompts users to take action – in this case, to like your page.

Facebook Page Promotion Targeting

The right-hand side allows you to set your audience targeting parameters, along with your daily budget, just as you would do on a boosted post. When choosing your budget, you can see how many likes Facebook estimates will come from your indicated targets and allocated daily budget. When you’re ready, if you approve, click “Promote Page,” and your campaign will go live!

You can also promote your page through Facebook’s Ad Manager. You can access the ad manager from the right-hand side of your Facebook homepage, or (This is also the same place where you can manage your advertising efforts – we’ll dig into this more in an upcoming post.)

With so many pages on Facebook, it can sometimes be hard for users who might be interested in your book to find you. So while there’s never a guarantee of success, promoting your page is another option that Facebook offers to help you spread the word about your book.

Good luck, and have fun spreading the word on Facebook!

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