Four Ideas to Start Your Science Fiction Novel

Whether your novel is out of this world (literally), or is set in the future, writing a science fiction novel requires an active imagination and a lot of creativity!

Don’t be fooled – science fiction novels aren’t solely written from the ideas in people’s minds. They often spring from actual scientific research.

If you’ve always wanted to write your own science fiction novel but are struggling to find a topic, we are going to offer you some advice on how to get started.

Here are four tips to kick start your science fiction novel writing:

Do your research It might not come as a surprise, but before you begin writing your science fiction novel, you’ll want to do some scientific research to back up your ideas. Generally, science fiction novels emanate from scientific developments that have already been in public imagination. Also, doing some research is a great way to come up with an idea, because it will allow you to use the latest trends and buzzworthy science notions and to avoid old, tired ideas. This in turn will help you create something that people will be excited about and curious enough to read!

Keep the rules straight In your imaginary world you get to make the rules; however, when you do make the rules, you have to keep them straight. Let’s say that the main character in your science fiction novel has the ability to breathe under water. What this means is that later in your story this character can’t drown in the ocean. If you do choose to make exceptions to your rules, you must be able to back it up and create a convincing explanation for your reader. In short, when you make the rules, try to your best to stick to them when writing your story.

Create an atmosphere A lot of people read science fiction novels to escape reality and to use their imaginations to place themselves in an alternate world. With that being said, it’s your job as the writer to create an atmosphere that is not only interesting but will engage them as they turn the pages.

When creating an environment, consider where you want your story to evolve. Whether it’s the countryside, the city or an extra-terrestrial location, imagine how this location can support your storyline. Consistency is also important when deciding on your environment. Once you choose where your story will develop, it will give the reader a more immersive experience that will allow them to escape their own reality.

Characters are important Don’t get so wrapped up in the ins and outs of the world that you are creating that you lose sight of the characters in your novel. Stories don’t evolve because of the setting; they evolve because of the characters that are intertwined in your environment. So, create captivating characters and write in a way that will make your readers feel like they are looking through your characters’ eyes at the imaginary world that you’ve created.

In a science fiction novel, almost anything can happen; however, there are some guidelines that you should follow in order to make your storyline plausible. So before you start the publishing process, take a look at these four tips to help kick-start your novel-writing efforts!

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