Spread the Word About Your Sports Book

Since the World Series is in full swing (no pun intended), we thought this would be a great time to talk about promoting a sports-related book. To keep it topical, we’ll even use baseball as our example. But remember, these tips can be applied to a book about virtually any sport.   

Let’s set the scene. You’ve finally published your book about the history of baseball. After many hours of writing and working with the Dorrance team, your dream has become a reality and your published book is available for all to read.

The only problem is that not many people outside of your family and close friends know that you wrote a book about baseball’s storied history. So, in order to spread the word about your book, you’ll have to take the next step and promote your book outside of your close-knit circle.

Let’s start with what we know. Last week we talked about setting up a Twitter account. You can begin there – social media is a great way to spread the word about your baseball book. While on Twitter, try to grab the attention of local libraries, sports radio shows and other sports-centric venues to target audiences that would be interested in a book of this genre. One way is to mention these users in a tweet with your book information. Remember to always keep tweets short and to the point with only the most pertinent information.

This tip leads into our next piece of advice: Announce any upcoming promotional events on social media. In addition to Twitter, you also could use Facebook to create a buzz and to alert your followers of the time and the place you will be promoting your book. And don’t forget, we’re always happy to post Dorrance author events and book signings on the Author Events page of this site!

Setting up a table at local events is another fantastic way to spread the word about your new book.

Find a venue where you’ll have access to people interested in your book’s topic. For instance, you could promote your book at a local sports apparel retailer, at community events or at a local bookstore. You can even work with an event coordinator at a minor league baseball game to set up a table inside the park.  Then bring copies of your book, a professional-looking sign to drape over the front of the table and some of those helpful leave behinds we mentioned before. You can even consider some balloons or other tasteful decorations that will add a little color to your table and visually invite potential buyers to approach the table.

Finally, talk the talk on your local sports talk show. Speaking about your book live on the radio may seem like a daunting task, but it may be easier than you think! There are countless local radio stations that are keen on interviewing local talent. Although you may not get the longest segment, make the best of what they give you and come ready with your key talking points. Be prepared to explain why your book is unique and interesting, and why baseball aficionados and history buffs alike will appreciate it.

These are just a few ideas to kick-start your book promoting efforts. Remember to always be creative, think outside of the box and stay in the loop for upcoming opportunities to promote your sports book! Congratulations and happy promoting!

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