Five Quick and Easy Social Media Tips

There’s no denying that we’re living in a world where social media is at the center of most things we do.


Social media has become a common gathering place for entertainment, news, communication and storytelling. As an author, you know a thing or two about what it takes to tell a great story, and social media is a useful tool to keep your thumb on the pulse of the industry.


The social media landscape is constantly changing. That’s why we’re here to help you adjust and adapt your efforts. In today’s blog, we’re giving you five quick and easy social media tips that you can implement immediately!


  • It’s important to realize that every platform is different. For instance, Facebook is a great platform to share images and long-form content, while Twitter is best for quick and easily digestible updates. Always be sure to cater your content to fit with the style of the social media platform.
  • When people interact with your posts, it’s best practice to answer their questions and reply to their comments. Reciprocity is a big theme in social media, and if you want people to engage with your social content, you have to engage with their content.
  • Just because you posted a message once doesn’t mean that you can’t recycle that content at a later date in time. This is called creating “evergreen content” – information that’s continuously relevant (much like evergreen trees that keep their leaves all year round.)
  • In the social media world, pictures are powerful! Sharing images and videos is a great way to grab the attention of your audience, which, in turn, can increase the amount of people who visit your profile. Use visuals to supplement the written content that you’ve provided. This keeps people engaged and more likely to catch the eye of a user.
  • Don’t overwhelm your audience by constantly posting about your book. Follow the 80/20 rule: 80 percent of your efforts should be dedicated to posting relevant content that your target audience would find useful, and the other 20 percent of the time will be spent promoting your work. As is with everything in life, when it comes to tooting your own horn, balance is essential.


These are just five quick and easy tips that you can consider for your own social media efforts. Check back in the coming weeks for more!


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