Three Tips to Help You Write Anywhere

Writing doesn’t have to be a rigid process. In today’s blog, we’re going to help you dismiss those ideas of thinking that you have to work at a desk in order to write and show you that writing can be done anywhere!


Imagine: You’ve decided that you’re finally going to take the necessary steps to turn your book writing dreams into a reality. You have an idea from your book stowed away in your head, and now it comes time to put those thoughts to paper. It’s at this moment you feel a sense of panic and uneasiness because you don’t know where to start. Thoughts and ideas begin to swirl around your head. You begin writing pieces of the story out of sequence, developing a character’s backstory without any context, and you begin to feel overwhelmed and ready to quit.


This is where we’d like to stop you and provide some helpful tips to ease your mind and organize your thoughts so you can write that book of your dreams.


Go with the flow – Planning ahead is commonly associated with being organized; however, we’re going to tell you the exact opposite. Though it’s important to have a plan of action as to what to write, sometimes it’s beneficial to not be so rigid about when to write. In previous blogs, we’ve encouraged you to make time in your hectic schedule for writing. If this practice works for you, keep on keepin’ on. But, if scheduled writing isn’t your cup of tea, and you’re finding it’s more detrimental than beneficial to your progress, we encourage you to write when the mood strikes. Simply write when you have an idea: Write when you’re on the subway, or jot a quick sentence while waiting in line at the coffee shop. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, when you get a creative itch, scratch it! In the end, test what method works best for you. By taking the pressure off of yourself as to how and when to write, your mind will be at ease and open to creativity.


Type away – In this day and age, technology is always at our fingertips. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or even wearable technology, as we just described, when creativity strikes, there’s a way to record your thoughts at a moment’s notice. Getting into the habit of recording your thoughts via your phone or technology of your choice will help you jot down ideas that could help enrich your plot along the way. As a tip, keep a running document open and ready to go for when you have that creative burst. Then, when it comes time to sit down and work on your book, you’ll have your idea documented as a reference! This will help you piece together and develop your storyline and keep the writing process flowing.


Grab your pen – If you prefer the more traditional way to write, always have a pen and paper readily available. Carry these tools with you everywhere you go so that you can capture your idea quickly before it escapes your mind. At the end of each day, take out your notebook and either organize the page in a binder so that you can keep all of your ideas in one place, or type the notes, lines or verses that you’ve jotted down that day into a Word document. The biggest piece of organizational advice we can offer when it comes to handwriting your ideas is to always keep your notebook or scrap-paper in the same place to keep your thoughts organized!


Keep these three tips in mind when writing and if you still need some help, our team of Dorrance Writing Coaches can help you stay focused and on the “write” path!


Copyright Dorrance Publishing, 2016