A Traveler’s Guide to Writing

Whether you travel for relaxation or if it’s a major part of your job, being on the road can sometimes throw a wrench in your writing plans.

The fact of the matter is there never seems to be enough time to get all of your writing done. But with a little advance planning, that’s simply not true! So today we want to show you how you can fit writing into your busy traveling schedule!

Map it out – If you already have your itinerary decided, review it and find a window of time that’s open. That open window of time has now become your writing time, so block it off on your daily calendar! Perhaps it’s right after lunch or as soon as you wake up; whatever unscheduled time you have that day is a good time to incorporate writing into your plans. When you’ve physically added this time into your schedule, you’ll be more apt to follow through with your goal.

Always write – This might sound counterintuitive when we’re talking about carving out spare minutes to write in your busy traveling schedule. But let us explain. What we mean when we say “always write” is to make use of your down time. Waiting for transportation or even waiting for your food at a restaurant can serve as a great opportunity to squeeze in some writing. Remember to always have your smart phone, tablet or trusty pen and paper readily available when these breaks in the action occur!  

Leverage your experiences – Like we said before, whether you travel for leisure or travel for business, any time that you leave your hometown, you are out of your comfort zone. It’s in these instances that you can truly become in tune with the world around you. When you are in a new city or a new environment, you are already taking in the sights and sounds of your current location. Why not channel those observations into your writing? If you’re in a meeting, take note of the people around you. Do you notice any interesting habits? If you’re on a beach vacation, how would you describe the waves crashing into the shore? Whatever situation you may be in, use that perspective and, if it fits, add it into your story. Perhaps that guy anxiously tapping his pencil in the middle of the presentation will inspire your main character’s nervous habit, too!

So the next time you are on the road and feel that it’s going to pull you away from your writing, take note of these three tips and enjoy the ride. There’s a big world out there, so make writing your greatest travel partner!

Copyright Dorrance Publishing, 2015